Children and Teen Therapy

Our children and teen therapy are dedicated to fostering your child’s emotional well-being and development. Our compassionate therapists provide a safe and open environment where children and teens can confidently express themselves, learn valuable coping skills, and navigate life’s challenges.

Through art therapy, play therapy, sand play or symbol work, we address various concerns such as anxiety, behaviour issues, emotional regulation, and social skills. We aim to empower children and teens to understand their emotions better, build resilience, and enhance their happiness.

“Children play-act part of their lives, and by doing this, bring up things that happened to them in the past that are still with them, a.k.a., the ‘unfinished business.’ Play is the child’s language. Children will express themselves much more authentically through a drawing or working with clay or doing a scene in sand. It’s easier for them to articulate. This is the way the child knows the world and they love doing this.”
Violet Oaklander
Child and Adolescent Therapist

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