Paula Rusly

Psychologist and Art Therapist

Paula is a psychologist with a Master of Art in Art Therapy. She is a psychologist with the Singapore Psychological Society and a registered counsellor with the Singapore Association of Counselling. As a testament to her expertise, she is also a registered art therapist with the Australia, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association (ANZACATA) and the Art Therapists’ Association Singapore (ATAS).

With over two decades of professional experience, Paula has worked with children, young adults, and families towards emotional well-being. Her journey has traversed diverse landscapes, encompassing international and special needs schools, private hospitals, and residential care settings. This diverse background has given her a well-rounded understanding of her client’s unique needs and challenges.

One of Paula’s shining realms of expertise lies in her work with special needs children—an area that fuels her passion and commitment. She dedicates herself to providing unwavering support and direction to these children and their families, aiding them in navigating the intricate terrain of their lives.

Paula is a gentle, compassionate and insightful therapist committed to assisting clients in working through their challenges and helping them gain greater awareness of themselves

My Work

Area of specialisation/interest

Counselling and therapy for the mental and emotional well-being of young individuals.

Difficulties in maintaining relationships, regulating emotions, and behaving appropriately.

Physical, intellectual, or developmental challenges, requiring additional support and accommodations.

The Stories of Success

“I walked away from each session feeling heard and a greater sense of self-acceptance, but also with new insights on steps I could take towards my personal growth. It empowered me to continue these conversations with myself and others around me.


“She arranged for us to do a relationship profiling assessment, which made us understand our relationship dynamics and allowed us to focus on critical areas to improve our relationship. We would definitely recommend Joselyn to any couple seeking help.


“Joselyn helped me navigate through a very difficult/painful time in my life with her ability to make me question myself in ways that I couldn’t have done on my own.


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The mission of The Family Institute is to strengthen and heal families and individuals from all walks of life through clinical service, education and research.

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