Lee Guat Keow

Senior Art Therapist

GK, is a seasoned counsellor with two decades of experience working in educational institutions. She holds a Master of Art in Art Therapy and Diploma in School Counselling. She also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and is a certified Early Childhood Educator. Carrying a profound humanistic perspective and over ten years of corporate experience, GK seamlessly transitioned into helping professions in 2005. She stood at the forefront as a pioneer art therapy graduate, orchestrating art therapy placements in educational institutions and medical facilities. Her influence was foundational, as she was pivotal in establishing the Art Therapists’ Association Singapore.

GK’s impact stretches beyond geographical boundaries. She advocated art therapy and presented a paper on her personal journey of grief and loss in “Grief Work-An Art-based Autoethnographically Study” at the Asian Art Therapy Symposium held in Hong Kong. She championed art therapy in school settings during the early days of art therapy in Singapore. She presented another paper titled “Creating the Time and Space for Art Therapy Practices in School Counselling” at LASALLE’s Internationalization of Creative Arts in Therapy conference.

GK’s dynamic approach seamlessly integrates art into the realm of counselling. This creative method allows clients to express thoughts, concepts, and concerns that words alone might struggle to capture. Her advocacy extends to the children and teenagers she serves in educational settings. As an experienced and ATAS registered therapist, she effectively engages with parents and essential stakeholders, to facilitate tangible growth and transformation in her clients. This serves as a testament to her work.

In addition to her professional endeavours, GK is also a fervent volunteer, lending her expertise and time to important causes. She was a volunteer trainer in the mental health psychosocial support module for the Singapore Red Cross Society. Also, she imparted her knowledge and skills in manning the National Care Hotline to provide psychological first aid as a COVID-19 crisis support hotline volunteer. She is currently a management committee member at CDAC Bukit Batok Centre since 2017, where she gives contributes her field knowledge to the centre’s work.

With a well-rounded background and an unwavering commitment to promoting mental wellness, GK emerges as a true advocate for growth and positive change.

The Stories of Success

“I walked away from each session feeling heard and a greater sense of self-acceptance, but also with new insights on steps I could take towards my personal growth. It empowered me to continue these conversations with myself and others around me.


“She arranged for us to do a relationship profiling assessment, which made us understand our relationship dynamics and allowed us to focus on critical areas to improve our relationship. We would definitely recommend Joselyn to any couple seeking help.


“Joselyn helped me navigate through a very difficult/painful time in my life with her ability to make me question myself in ways that I couldn’t have done on my own.


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